The Data Science Working Group
Make your project(s) more intelligent, automated, and/or effective via data science! We’re here to help augment your skills, on-demand and to the benefit of your civic partners.
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data science
inferential statistics
machine learning
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data science working group
inferential statistics
machine learning
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The Data Science Working Group’s primary purpose is to efficiently assess, inspire, and tackle Code for San Francisco’s data science needs, as well as to help the City and other brigades with their data science needs whenever appropriate. Our practicing and aspiring data scientists are available to:

  • provide data science-centric solutions to social good problems;
  • assess/inspire the possibility of data science components in brigade projects;
  • provide resources to help produce those components;
  • provide a learning environment for ourselves and others to learn more practical data science.

In pursuing the above, we humbly hope that dedicated project groups across CFA’s brigade network come to consider us an integral and synergistic resource for the network at large.