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Create a sliding scale price tag that is convenient and ubiquitous.
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sliding scale pricing
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Our mission is to design and build a better sliding scale price tag that is convenient and ubiquitous. A sliding scale price tag charges more to rich people than to poor people for the same item. According to our economic theories this will make more profit for the retailer in some markets and will directly reduce financial inequality with every use.

We want to explore how it might affect you personally if things you buy on a daily basis were sold on an income adjusted sliding scale price. Crowd-sourced design and usability projects for new team members will present challenges and opportunities to understand the human problems that will come up when you discover that your coffee at starbucks will cost more or less depending on how much money you make.

Every project starts with a form that tells you how much time it will take and what you will achieve and asks you specefic opinion based questions that help us understand better and refine our forms and presentations. This is a self generating crowdsourced product design approach that allows you to contribute when it's convenient for you and gives you many choices for how to contribute so you can do what you like doing most.

To start watch our latest one minute video to make sure you’re on the same page as us at https://goo.gl/c6DC8i

Next read introduction slideshow about hOEP.coin (10-20 minutes) and share your thoughts in a short interview questionnaire (5-15 minutes) at https://goo.gl/forms/Pv1TmNPpBGS5QHfH2 .

If you still think this is cool and want to help, the next step is to visit the google project page at https://goo.gl/mg4WLK