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Volunteers urgently needed for the Bay Area Relief Portal Project


About the Bay Area Relief Portal Project: 

The Bay Area Relief Portal (, currently in beta) was built to enable businesses and nonprofits impacted by COVID and/or experiencing financial hardships to easily search for and apply to funding sources (grants and loans).  We recognized that many businesses were struggling immensely during the pandemic shutdowns, and may not have the tools, technological knowledge, or time to source funding on their own.


Our dedicated team of volunteers from Code For San Francisco built an interactive website that makes it easy to search and filter for funding sources (loans, grants, etc.). The portal data comes from private company websites, government websites, social media platforms etc.

How Can You Contribute:

We are looking for volunteers to help the project in the following ways. Currently we meet remotely (no requirement to do in-person in the future but it will be an option!):


  1. Product/Project Manager - Work with Engineering to prioritize bug fixes and new features and help keep them on track.  We use Trello for our product backlog and git/github for version control and code review

  2. Digital Marketer - Promote the project and the website using social media (twitter, instagram, linkedin) and direct communication (slack, email) for the purposes of recruiting volunteers and informing the public about our project and website portal

  3. Partnership Coordinator - Seek out and contact potential partners (e g small businesses organizations) on behalf of the project and team.  Partners can help support the project by providing feedback, promoting the site, and adding to our funding sources.

  4. Data Jam Coordinator - Schedule and oversee regular data jams that will power the data for the website.  This involves walking new volunteers through the process and answering any questions. No experience needed!


**The roles above require attending remote weekly hack night meetings 6:30-9:00pm and at times extra time throughout the week.  We expect about 2-3 months of commitment.**


  1. Participate in a Data Jam! - If you cannot commit this much time you can participate in one of our upcoming data jams (they generally are hosted every 2-3 weeks).  No experience is required for these and entail reviewing potential funding sources and entering them to our database. For more information see our flyer.

If you are interested in any of these roles please reach out to us at bayarearelief[at]

Team behind the Bay Area Relief

The Data Science Working Group at Code for San Francisco ( supports civic organizations with ethically conscious data analytics and consulting services, helping to achieve local, lasting impacts in the community.








Thanks to our Sponsors:





Family/Friends of Sanat Moningi
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